UKOLN Institutional Web Management: The Next Steps

Poster Displays

This page provides information on poster displays and demonstrations for the Institutional Web Management workshop. For further information about the workshop please see the website at <>.

We provided at least one floor-standing display board (approx. 1.5 m high by 1 m wide) although two display boards were also available. A power socket was be available. A small number of PCs were available, which have been allocated as shown below.

HE Exhibitors

The list of commercial exhibitors is also available.

Goldsmiths Events Systems
Abstract: A live demonstration of use of Filemaker Pro to build a web-based events diary at Goldsmiths College will be given.
Requirements: Networked PC (PC1)
Contact: Andrew Aird
Zope: a smart way to devolve the management of a dynamic Web site
Abstract: The universities of Bristol, Newcastle and the University of Wales College of Medicine will report on a loose collaboration that is developing around Zope and will demonstrate some of the projects that are in train.
Requirements: Networked PC (PC2)
Contact: Phil Harris (University of Wales College of Medicine), Tony McDonald (University of Newcastle), Joe Nicholls (University of Wales College of Medicine) and Paul Browning (University of Bristol)
Further Details: [Paper - HTML]
University Admissions Web Tool
Abstract: Computing Services at the University of York has been funded by JTAP to develop a Web tool for University Admissions. Using a Java-enabled web browser to run the Admissions Applet, users will be able to connect to the database which holds their own admissions data, and monitor up-to-date information through a simple interface.
Requirements: Network PC (PC3)
Contact: Bob Marriott, York
Abstract: The CASTLE toolkit has been developed so that Tutors and Course managers can create on-line interactive multiple choice questions (MCQs) quickly and easily without any prior knowledge of HTML, cgi, or similar scripting languages. The CASTLE Project was funded by JISC/JTAP and has received continuation funding for further development. These tools are freely available to HE institutions and they are now part of the Talent project - a TLTP Phase 3 project - which aims to enhance teaching and learning through the use of Web technology.
Requirements: Networked PC (PC4)
Contact: Ellen Pawley
Abstract: eLib phase 3 display
Requirements: 3 Networked PC (PC5, PC6, PC7)
Contact: Marian Hogg
Abstract: MIMAS (Manchester Information and Associated Services), a JISC-supported national data centre which specialises in online access to research and teaching datasets, bibliographic information, software packages, and large-scale computing resources for the UK academic community.
Requirements: TBC
Contact: Anne McCombe
UK Mirror Service
Abstract: The recently-launched national mirroring service will demonstrate the JISC-funded mirroring service.
Requirements: Networked PC (PC8)
Contact: Mark Russell / Claire Moore
UKOLN and the Institutional Web Service, Brian Kelly, UKOLN
Abstract: A poster display, with a demonstration of various tools
Requirements: Networked PC (PC9)
Contact: Brian Kelly
Further Info.: [Posters - HTML] - [Poster - PowerPoint 97]
[Paper on IMP - HTML] - [Paper on Browser Extensions - HTML]
Abstract: TASI (Technical Advisory Service for Images) is funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee. TASI provides advice and consultancy on the creation and management of digital image archives. This service is free to all Higher Education Institutions.
Requirements: Networked PC (PC11)
Contact: Karla Youngs
Abstract: The Institute for Learning and Research Technology (ILRT) at the University of Bristol is host to more than twenty five nationally and internationally funded projects and services at the forefront of learning and research technology. This display will provide information and demonstrations of some of these projects and services.
Requirements: Networked PC (PC12)
Contact: Debra Hiom
Abstract: This display will provide details of South Bank University web related training courses; recent and planned publications of interest to web masters and general information on projects relevant to UK HE.
Requirements: Will bring own PC. Will need power point.
Contact: Andrew Cox
Virtual Seminars
Abstract: This demonstration will show the multimedia archive established by the JTAP 'Virtual Seminars' project based around World War One. In particular, it will show the path creation scheme, a means of creating annotated trails through the web.
Requirements: Networked PC (PC13)
Contact: Stuart Lee, Oxford
Abstract: Netskills provides Internet training throughout the UK.
Contact: Dave Hartland

The following leaflets and flyers will be available (although no people will be available to staff the display)

Abstract: EDINA (Edinburgh Data and INformation Access) provides national online services for the UK higher education and research community.
Contact: Paul Milne
Contact: Samantha Westwood to provide an A4 x 8 sided glossy publication
Abstract: BUBL is a national information service for the UK higher education community, funded by JISC. It provides clear, fast and reliable access to selected Internet resources covering all academic subject areas, plus specialist coverage of library and information science.
Contact: Alan Dawson to provide flyers and a poster
Abstract: JISC
Contact: Jane Williams

Total nos. of HE exhibitors to date = 16 (approx) (plus 3 not manned).


Please note that only 16 networked PCs are available. The workshop organisers will make the decision on allocations of the PCs, based on likely interest to delegates, relevance to workshop, etc. Exhibitors, may, of course, bring their own PC. We can provide a power point, but not a network connection. In addition to the 16 PCs, there will be 16 additional tables which can be used displays which do not require a PC.