UKOLN "Information Management & The Institutional Website - Promoting and Supporting Organisational Change" talk given at the "Institutional Web Managment" Workshop


An institutional website represents a fundamental change in the nature of information provision (and if it doesn't something is seriously wrong). This change presents a major challenge to existing information management activities. This talk suggests the need for a methodical approach to support (and survive) the process of organisational change required. It is based on a combination of direct experience of running a University website and academic research into corporate information management. Brief case studies will be discussed to illustrate the major themes.

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Biographical Details

Jon Wallis is Webmaster at the University of Wolverhampton, responsible for the overall design and general management of its website. He has been directly involved in developing the University's web presence from its inception. In 1995 he co-developed the first complete undergraduate prospectus on the web. In his spare time he is a senior lecturer in computing, teaching in the areas of networks, communications and distributed information systems. His research focusses on search engine technology and (inspired by his role as an institutional webmaster) the information management implications of corporate websites.