UKOLN "'Dumbing Down' - making the UCE Website more accessible" talk given at the "Institutional Web Managment" Workshop


The University of Central England's Website has gone through three versions. The first was simple, largely text derived from printed sources. Graphics were added in version two, with frames and some simple Javascript in version three. Version four is being developed with the support of a commercial firm with a view to making the site a better marketing tool which is more accessible, more interesting and with fewer gimmicks. This talk hopes to analyse the success of this process and provide pointers to how we hope to develop the site, with commercial support (?), over the next 18 months.

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Biographical Details

Brian Lantz, after a background in environmental and local politics in Arizona, came to London in 1975 to qualify as a librarian. Captivated by the dream of 'cycling Europe', he was lured by the brilliant summers in the latter half of the 70s into staying. He hung up his bicycle in 1982 after moving to Birmingham where he had risen through the ranks to Assistant Director of Information Services. His current role as 'Webmaster' focuses strongly on developing web based services to support marketing and teaching/learning at UCE. For his sins, he also created and runs the bookshop cum library supply services of UCE Books.