UKOLN "The Use of On-line Databases to Manage Student Support and Learning" talk given at the "Institutional Web Managment" Workshop


This talk will focus upon the use and development of World Wide Web (WWW) interfaces to relational databases housing student information. It will demonstrate the effective use of current and emerging internet technologies such as HTML, CGI and DBMS and will look at the functions XML and SSL can play in facilitating remote administration and secure access to on-line databases to support students and tutors. The talk will highlight examples from a number of University and National projects which:

The talk will demonstrate the success and issues involved in the use of on-line administrative systems as a medium for student support.

Not yet available.

Biographical Details

Terry Brown has worked in the Faculty of Medicine Computing Centre since completing a work placement with them and then being hired to develop the University's WWW Student Support and Tutoring project. He has since added UNIX system administration skills to WWW programming and site design.

His professional interests lie within the field of dynamic information delivery, Human Computer Interaction and secure Internet information transfer.

His personal interests involve anything that can keep him away from technology for long enough to forget about it.