UKOLN "Events Online" talk given at the "Institutional Web Managment" Workshop


Descriptions of events, as with the events they describe, vary considerably. From a 30 minute talk to a 3 day workshop, the information that needs to be published rarely fits 'the institutional form'. This talk presents an events database that uses server-side XML to let the content publish itself. Events submitted via either a form or free text are served to the browser in the College house-style - allowing the institution to carry the publishing workload rather than the individual or their department.

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Biographical Details

After studying Applied Psychology and then Cognitive Science and Intelligent Computing, Stephen went on to lecture in both Artificial Intelligence and Psychology. After two academic years he ventured into the commercial world with jobs in the emerging 'New Media' industry: Easynet, Cyberia, Netmare and finally Webmedia where he spent his last year as project manager for Which? Online. He joined King's College London as Web Editor in September 1997 and is currently exploring content management using XML.