UKOLN AUP Resources

The following resources were provided by Colin Work.

JANET Acceptable Use Policy at <URL:>
We should all have read this, but worth re-reading carefully when formulating an AUP.
The Risks Digest at <URL:>
Forum On Risks To The Public In Computers And Related Systems - this covers a wide range of issues. It's quite interesting to trawl the archives and see how issues have developed over the years.
Computers & Academic Freedom Archive at <URL:>
US bias, but a useful perspective on the issue.
Information Technology and Society at <URL:<
A course run at Queens - useful notes and plenty of references from people who actually have time to think about this stuff!
Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility at <URL:
"Addressing the social and ethical impacts of information and communication technologies through research,consultancy and education."
Cyber-Rights and Cyber-Liberties UK at <URL:>
Amongst other things, a good monitor of relevant news and media items
A Basic Guide to Copyright at <URL:>
A VERY basic introduction, but may be suitable for circulation amongst staff and students
Bird & Bird at <URL:>
A commercial law firm specialising in information technology - site contains some interesting articles on many aspects of Internet related liability - will develop your paranoia.