UKOLN "Publish and be Damned? - Freedom, Responsibility and AUP " talk given at the "Institutional Web Managment" Workshop


Caught between staff and students insisting on their rights to publish on the web and management concerns about appropriate material, what is a "Webmaster" to do? This talk summarised the key areas of risk in putting material on the WWW, identify potential liability and suggest ways of running a WWW service which minimises the institution's (and Webmasters!) exposure while catering for the users requirements.

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Biographical Details

Following a brief stint as a librarian in Dublin, Colin joined the NISS project in 1988 later moving to Southampton University Computing Services where he became embroiled in information services in the widest sense - from telephone systems to information kiosks. As "Information Resources Manager" Colin heads up the Southampton Webmaster team. He has been active in a range of National activities and is currently a member of UCISA-TLIG. Colin wants to be a photographer when he grows up.