UKOLN Does Web Content Grow on Trees? talk given at the "Institutional Web Managment" Workshop


Rather than try to improve, manage and maintain the huge, unwieldy web site I inherited at Goldsmiths, I have developed a strategy of 'growing' three separate web 'trees'. These respectively address the provision of external information, internal communications and a teaching and learning web environment. The 'trees' acknowledge that institutional information derives from different roots, and has varying saliency and signifigance depending on the context to which it is applied. I will talk about:

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Biographical Details

Andrew Aird studied music at Birmingham University and King's College, London. Working at Loughborough University in the early 1980s gave him access to personal computer technology, resulting in a career in music technology. Andrew specialised in applications for composing and publishing, and this aspect led him to become interested in the possibilities offered by the World Wide Web. His current role as Web Site Manager at Goldsmiths College is part-time; he also develops web solutions for music publishers, composers and performers. Swimming, skiing, concerts and visual art fill the scarce hours not spent thinking about, or working on, the web.