Institutional Web Management Workshop 2008:
Twitter For IWMW 2008

About Twitter

Twitter is a popular micro-blogging tool. It is often used by individuals to described what they are doing or thinking. This can help build and support a community through sharing of both work-related and social activities.

Further information about Twitter is described at:

Use of Twitter At IWMW 2008

Don't worry, you won't need to use Twitter to describe your every activity in order to benefit from Twitter at IWMW 2008!

If you do not wish to create your own Twitter ID you can:

If you have a Twitter ID, or if you are considering getting one you can:

Use of Twitter at IWMW 2008 is being provided primarily to evaluate use of a microblogging application as a communications tool which can be used to deliver brief messages to a mobile phone.

RSS Feed for IWMW Twitter Account

The IWMW Twitter account has an RSS feed which you can add to your RSS reader. The RSS feed is embedded below.


Searching For Tweets About IWMW 2008

You way wish to search for Twitter posts ('tweets') about the IWMW 2008 event. The following search tools are available:

In addition to these links an RSS feed of tweets was obtained on 25 July 2008.


Note that:

The IWMW Twitter account will be used to deliver official communications related to the IWMW 2008 event.
Numbers of Posts
In order to minimise the numbers of SMS messages received by people who have chosen to have messages delivered to their mobile phone we will keep the Twitter messages to a minimum. We do not expect to send more than one message per day prior to the event, although more messages may be sent if necessary during the event itself.
Quality of Service
The Twitter service is based on a number of third party services. UKOLN cannot accept responsibility for delays or failures for twitter posts to be delivered.