Institutional Web Management Workshop 2007:
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Plenary Talk 8: Social Participation in Student Recruitment

This page provides details of the plenary talk on "Social Participation in Student Recruitment".

Social Participation in Student Recruitment
Paul Boag, Headscape
Social participation is the cornerstone of the web 2.0 movement and has been spearheaded by sites such as One of the underlying principles of these sites is that peer to peer recommendations carry more weight than those from either a search engine or from corporate advertising. The commercial sector has been quick to adopt this peer review mechanism with customer reviews and ratings.
This talk proposes to explore how social participation can be applied to the process of recruiting new students and what lessons can be learnt from the approach adopted by the commercial sector. We will also look at what institutional barriers exist that prevent this approach and how these can be overcome.
Contact Details:
Paul Boag
7 Fields Oak
DT11 7PP
Tel: 01258 453889
Mob: 07760 123 120
This talk took place from 14.15-15.00 on Tuesday 17th July 2007.


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