Institutional Web Management Workshop 2007:
Next Steps for the Web Management Community
Innovation Competition

IWMW 2007 Innovation Competition

This year we are inviting IWMW 2007 participants to submit lightweight examples of innovative uses of Web technologies which may be of interest to IWMW 2007 participants.

This could include:

The innovation might be based on work you have been involved in within your organisation. Alternatively you may wish to produce an entry specifically for IWMW 2007. Workshop facilitators may wish to produce an innovation which aims to encourage participants to sign up for their session or for use during the workshop itself or IWMW 2007 participants might wish to produce an innovation afterwards about the event.

Prize Winners

Please note that the prize-winners were:

Submission Template

When submitting your competition entry could you include the following information:

Name and Affiliation
Your contacts details.
The title of your innovation.
User Benefits
The benefits to users i.e. what users will gain from using this innovation.
How the innovation was created and the ease of creating it.
What makes this innovation cooler than the rest!
Background to the Work
Describe why the submission was developed.
State your position regarding the openness of your submisssion.

For further information contact Entries should be submitted to the same address and added as a comment to the UK Web Focus blog post about the competition.

Note that user-focussed entries will be particularly welcomed. Feel free to submit humorous and entertaining examples.


A number of general resources including RSS feeds and timeline displays relating to the Institutional Web Management Workshop series of events are available at

Participants can also use download an XML file of this year's delegate data.

Any questions you have regarding resources please contact


The deadline for the competition was originally scheduled to be Monday 9th July. However this was extended until 15th July. The winner was announced on the final day of the IWMW 2007 event on Wednesday 18th July 2007.


Sixteen submissions to the competition were received. Please follow the link to view them.


The following examples are also available. Please note that these examples will not be entered into the competition. However the data is freely available and you may wish to use the data to build applications for submission to the competition.

1. Location of all IWMW events

Display of location of all 11 IWMW events, based on RSS feed containing GeoRSS data, processed by the application
[View location] - [View data (RSS)] - [Validate data (RSS)]

2. Location of speakers and facilitators at IWMW 2007

Display the host institution of the speakers and workshop facilitators at IWMW 2007
[View location (speakers)] - [View data (RSS)] - [Validate data (RSS)]
[View location (facilitators)] - [View data (RSS)] - [Validate data (RSS)]

3. OPML Interface to IWMW RSS Feeds

A JavaScript interface to the RSS feeds for the IWMW events.

Grazr viewer

Feel free to embed this interface in your own resource.

4. OPML Interface to IWMW 2007 Blog Feeds

A JavaScript interface to the RSS feeds for bloggers at IWMW 2007. Note a list of the feeds is also available

Grazr viewer


RSS Feed

Please note that an RSS Feed of the submissions to the competition is available.