Institutional Web Management Workshop 2007:
Next Steps for the Web Management Community
Acceptable Use Policy

The document contains the Acceptable Use Policy for the Institutional Web Management Workshop 2007 to be held at the University of York on 16-18th July 2007.

Acceptable Use Policy


A WiFi network will be available during the workshop. Networked applications will be available during the workshop to support the aims of the event. Advice will be provided on various applications which may be useful.

General Principles

Use of mobile device and networked technologies to support the aims of the workshop with be encouraged.


The use of mobile device and networked technologies should not be disruptive to other delegates, infringe rights of privacy or breach copyright or cause degradation to the network which would adversely affect others.


You can take photographs and sound and video-recording:

You can use mobile phones for SMS/MMS texting and for taking recordings and photographs (subject to comments given elsewhere). However you should ensure that ring tones are switched off and you should not make or receive voice calls during the workshop.

You can engage in instant messaging discussions, create Blog entries, update Wiki pages, etc.:

You must inform the organisers and any speakers if you intend to publish sound or video of the speakers in real-time and obtain their permission to do this.

You must health and safety issues and respond to requests from the workshop and local organisers. This may cover, for example, power cables for laptops which could present a safety hazard.

Remote users may be able to listen to, read about or more actively contribute to the event by accessing technologies such as instant messaging channels, audio or video feeds, etc. However:

Explanatory Notes

Security Of Your PC

Please note that neither the workshop organisers nor venue are responsible for the security of any equipment you bring to the workshop. This includes both physical security of laptops, PDAs, mobile phones, etc. and security against attacks by viruses, etc. over the network. Delegates must ensure that they take appropriate protection; for example installation of personal firewalls such as ZoneAlarm.

Trust and Identification

Participants should not give false or misleading identification for their IDs or aliases in tools such as IM clients.

Participants should be aware that it is possible to masquerade as others and should be careful if divulging confidential information.