Institutional Web Management Workshop 2007:
Next Steps for the Web Management Community
Organising Committee and Advisory Group Members

Organising Committee

Members of the Organising Committee are responsible for the organisational and financial aspects of the workshop. Contact details for the committee members are given below:

Advisory Group

Members of the Advisory Group will provide support for the organisers of the workshop. The group members represent a cross-section of the Web management community.

Contact details for the advisory group members are given below:

Brian Kelly [Further details] is also supporting the Advisory Group.


Arte Cropper is the Events and Marketing Manager at UKOLN with responsibility for all events undertaken by the organisation along with marketing the organisation to the wider community. She is covering Natasha Bishop's maternity leave.

Arte is chair of the Organising Committee.

Arte Cropper can be contacted at or by phone on 01225 386256. hcard

Photo of Keith Doyle Keith Doyle is Web Content Architect at the University of Salford. He is also responsible for the intranet framework, and has direct involvement with the University intranet home pages. He is passionate about how intranets and portals can support administrative activities, and also about usability and information architecture issues.

Keith is a member of the Advisory Group.

Keith Doyle can be contacted at or by phone on 0161 295 5000. hcard

Stephen Emmott is the Head of Web Services at London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE). He leads a team of 6 delivering the LSE's Web site and Intranet. Prior to LSE he was the Editor of Web Services at King's College London (1997 to 2000). Stephen's first encounter with the Internet was in 1992 whilst studying for an MSc in Cognitive Science. Upon graduating he taught as a visiting lecturer before moving into the new media industry to work for pioneering web agencies.

Stephen is a member of the Advisory Group.

Stephen Emmott can be contacted at or by phone on 0207 9556939. hcard

Photo of Marieke Guy Marieke Guy is currently a member of the Interoperability Focus team at UKOLN. Interoperability Focus is a national activity, jointly funded by JISC of the Further and Higher Education Funding Councils and the MLA. Marieke is based at UKOLN.

Marieke has attended and presented at a number of the Institutional Web Management Workshops and was chair of last year's workshop.

Marieke's previous roles at UKOLN have included Project Manager for the Subject Portals Project and ePrints UK Projects, NOF-digitise Advisor and editor of Cultivate Interactive, Exploit Interactive and Ariadne Web Magazines. Her interests include Web standards, quality assurance, Internet community, Internet law and collaborative Web tools. She currently coordinates the JISC Standards Catalogue.

Marieke is chair of the event and a member of the Organising Committee.

Marieke Guy can be contacted at or by phone on 01225 385105. hcard

Photo of Brian Kelly Brian Kelly is UK Web Focus - a post funded by the JISC and MLA which provides advice and support to the UK Higher and Further Education communities and the museums, libraries and archives sector on Web issues. Brian is based at UKOLN.

Brian was chair of the Institutional Web Management Workshop for 10 years. This year once again he is taking a more backseat role but will continue to support the workshop.

Brian's interests include Web standards, Web accessibility, quality assurance for Web services and innovative Web developments, including collaborative Web tools.

Brian is a supporting member of the Advisory Group.

Brian Kelly can be contacted at or by phone on 01225 383943. hcard

Photo of Helen Sargan Helen Sargan works for the University Computing Service and has been looking after the Web in Cambridge since 1994.

Helen is a member of the Advisory Group.

Helen Sargan can be contacted at or by phone on 01223 334480. hcard

Michelle Smith has been working in the Events and Marketing Team at UKOLN since June 2006.

Michelle is a member of the Organising Committee.

Michelle Smith can be contacted at or by phone on 01225 384488. hcard

Photo of Jeremy Speller Jeremy Speller is Head of Web Services, University College London. He has been involved with the UCL Web presence since 1995 and is now Head of Web Services. He is currently working on the migration of UCL's central materials to a Zope/Silva-based CMS and is taking forward development of an enterprise portal. Jeremy is also involved with development of services to provide the student experience of the future and has particular interest in the use of handheld and mobile devices. Prior to becoming a full-time Web "operative", Jeremy's background was in planning and statistics at UCL and previously at the University of Birmingham. Way back when he ran the Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme at what was then CVCP.

Jeremy is a member of the Advisory Group.

Jeremy Speller can be contacted at or by phone on 0207 6795779. hcard

William (Bill) Mackintosh is Web Manager at the University of York. He leads the Web Office, a team of 4 which concentrates on content support. Prior to moving to York, he worked at City University, London as Web Services Manager. Bill is a former programmer who has worked for the University of Oxford, IBM (UK) and in the healthcare and defence sectors..

Bill is a member of the Advisory Group.

Bill Mackintosh can be contacted at or by phone on 01904 434878. hcard