UKOLN "Institutional Web Management 2001" Workshop

Parallel Session on "Update Your Web Skills"

This page provides details of the "Update Your Web Skills" workshop session facilitated by Helen Sargan and Ingrid Evans at the Institutional Web Management: 2001 workshop held at Queen's University Belfast on 25-27 June 2001.


This session aims to provide an opportunity for Web managers to update their Web skills. The session, which is suitable for both new and existing Web managers will cover several areas including strategies and tools for indexing Web sites, models for HTML authoring, the role of CSS and caching strategies for institutions.

Session Aims

By the end of the session delegates will:

Draft Timetable

The following timetable is proposed. Note that timings are liable to change.

Time Topic Comments
09:15 Introduction Session aims, introduction from facilitators
09:20 Icebreaker Small group exercise in which participants split into small groups, introduce themselves and list their main areas of interest.
Authoring Strategies
09:30 Authoring Strategies Brief presentation summarising the alternatives available and tying them to content and information provider types.
09:45 Authoring models - exercise Small group exercise in which participants split into small groups and summarise possible strategies for authoring and their advantages and disadvantages.
Exercise 1 - Browser Based Authoring Tools: [MS Word format] - [HTML format]
Exercise 2 - A Content Conversion Tool: [MS Word format] - [HTML format]
10:10 Conclusions Summary and conclusions
Indexing Strategies
10:20 Indexing In The UK: The Current State Of Play Presentation on WebWatch Survey
10:30 Indexing In The UK: The Current State Of Play Hands-on exercise using the various popular indexing tools
Exercise 3 - Comparing indexing tools: [MS Word format] - [HTML format]
10:45 Comparing the licensed with the free solutions The cases for Ultraseek and ht://Dig or an externally-hosted option, such as Google
11:00 Conclusions What's Best For Your Institution?
Caching Strategies
11:25 An Introduction To Caching Presentation about caching - what it is in general and what the JWCS service is
11:35 Caching - Pros and Cons Group discussion on the pros and cons of caching. The audience are invited to ask questions. This session will be used to discuss popular issues such as access filtering and maintenance of log files, etc.

Hands-on exercise looking at configuration to use a cache
Exercise 4 - Helping users: [PowerPoint format] - [HTML format]

11:55 Starting or Maintaining a Cache Presentation about managing a cache. Possibility of hands on demo with participants viewing autogenerated JWCS support web pages (as seen by users) and following up a support query. Tips on equipment requirements, available software, and their pros and cons.
12:15 Workshop Conclusions Conclusions and feedback

Abstract For Caching Section

The JANET Web Cache Service has been in existence for some 4 years now and offers support and advice all many aspects of caching, as well as running and hosting the National JANET Web Cache.

This session aims to provide an opportunity for Web Managers to learn and enquire about caching both on a local level, and peering with the JWCS as a parent cache. No prior knowledge of caching is necessary. The session will also aim to clarify and advise on popular issues such as filtration of Web sites and maintenance of log files etc. This session will be led by Ingrid Evans (Manchester Computing - University of Manchester & JANET Web Cache Service).


[HTML format] - [PowerPoint format]