UKOLN "Institutional Web Management 2001" Workshop

Parallel Session on "Web Site Redevelopment"

This page provides details of the "Web Site Redevelopment" workshop session facilitated by Miles Banbery, University Kent at Canterbuty at the Institutional Web Management: 2001 workshop held at Queen's University Belfast on 25-27 June 2001.


We all know now that having a Web site is not the end of the battle. Most organisations are now well past their first generation Web site, but how should we approach redevelopment (organisational, graphical and technical)? Questions to be addressed in this half-day workshop include:

This session will include short case studies, presentations of key issues, pointers to existing resources and discussions/group work.

Though not really about maintenance of Web material, necessary maintenance structures to enable re-development and bringing new aspects on-line will inevitably be discussed.



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