UKOLN "Institutional Web Management 2001" Workshop

Parallel Session on "E-Business"

This page provides details of the "E-Business" workshop session facilitated by Andrew Aird (King's College London) at the Institutional Web Management: 2001 workshop held at Queen's University Belfast on 25-27 June 2001.


The outcome of the session will be to enable Web managers to:

E-commerce is on all our agendas as Web managers, whether we like it or not, but most institutions have yet to embrace its huge potential for both selling and buying.

This session will look at various business models and at which in-house resources and/or outsourcing is needed to build effective online transaction sites.

Group exercises will focus on usability and security aspects of e-commerce design. Case studies and analysis will illustrate the power, potential and pitfalls of e-commerce in Higher and Further Education, as well as providing practical starting points.

A basic understanding of the use of databases for web site building and a rudimentary grasp of the financial structure of your institution will assist participants in getting the most from the session.


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