Biographical Details

This page provides gives biographical details of the speakers and organisers at the Initiatives & Innovation: Managing Disruptive Technologies which is being organised by the UCISA WLF CETIS and UKOLN.


Oleg Liber

Photo of Oleg Liber Oleg Liber is professor of eLearning at the University of Bolton.

He has been involved in learning technology development since the early 1980s, exploring how technology can be used to tackle the inertia of the traditional education system. Since 1998 he has directed the JISC funded Centre for Educational Technology and Interoperability Standards (CETIS), as well as continuing to explore the development of innovative technologies. His research interests are in the application of organisational cybernetics to the education system.

Oleg will be giving a talk on "Challenges for Institutions in Adapting to the Global Information Infrastructure".

Oleg can be contacted at <o.liber@bolton.ac.uk>.

Robert Sherratt

Robert Sherratt is Head of Systems Integration for the e-Services Integration Group, responsible for facilitating the development and operation of digital university systems and processes, in particular the services delivered within the evolving framework of the institutional portal. The Systems Integration team are responsible for the deployment of a number of key University services including the portal, content management system, repository and the ongoing evaluation of collaboration and learning environments.

Robert will be giving a talk on "Meeting Expectations - the Web in the 2(.0)1st Century".

Robert can be contacted at <R.Sherratt@hull.ac.uk>.

Brian Kelly

Photo of Brian Kelly Brian Kelly is UK Web Focus - a post funded by the JISC and MLA which provides advice and support to the UK Higher and Further Education communities and the museums, libraries and archives sector on Web issues. Brian is based at UKOLN.

Brian was a speaker and co-facilitator for the first joint UKOLN-UCISA event on Beyond Email - Strategies For Collaborative Working In The 21st Century held in Leeds in November 2004.

Brian's interests include Web standards, Web accessibility, quality assurance for Web services and innovative Web developments, including collaborative Web tools, Web 2.0 developments, etc.

Brian will give a talk on "Managing The Unexpected: Facing Internet Challenges". Brian is also a member of the workshop organising committee.

Brian can be contacted at <b.kelly@ukoln.ac.uk>.

John Dale

Photo of John Dale John Dale is the head of development at e-lab, University of Warwick. He has overseen the introduction of several Web applications, including content management, collaboration software, authentication services and more.

John will be giving a talk on "Being Agile".

John can be contacted at <j.dale@warwick.ac.uk>.


The workshop is being organised by UCISA, UKOLN and CETIS. Biographical details of the workshop organisers is given below.

John Heap

John Heap is Director of e-Learning at Leeds Metropolitan University, co-editor of the International Journal of Productivity & Performance Management, President of the World Network of Productivity Organizations and a member of the Council of the Institute of Management Services.

John represents UCISA in maintaining liaison with other UK educational agencies with an interest in Web services and Web support.

John was co-facilitator for the first joint UKOLN-UCISA event on Beyond Email - Strategies For Collaborative Working In The 21st Century held in Leeds in November 2004.

John can be contacted at <j.heap@lmu.ac.uk>.

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly's details are given above.

Natasha Bishop

Natasha Bishop is the Events and Marketing Manager at UKOLN with responsibility for all events undertaken by the organisation along with marketing the organisation to the wider community. Natasha has over 6 years of experience at organising events and has been at UKOLN since October 2003.

Natasha is responsible for the administration of the workshop.

Natasha can be contacted at <n.bishop@ukoln.ac.uk>.

Matthew Garrood

Matthew Garrood is the Information Systems Officer at UCISA. Matthew works for the UCISA Executive and Operational Support and is based at the University of Oxford.

Vashti Zarach

Vashti Zarach is coordinator of the CETIS Enterprise Special Interest Group. The Enterprise SIG is for people exchanging data between college systems such as VLEs and Student Record Systems; developing Managed Learning Environments; and with an interest in e-learning frameworks and architecture. She is also studying part-time for an MA in Heritage Management.