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Brian Kelly gave a 15 minute talk on "The UK Web Focus Blog" at a workshop on Innovation and Communication organised by the UCISA TLIG group.

About The Event

Blog, wiki, newsletter, email, Facebook...There are many new channels of communication available as well as more traditional methods, so how do you know which is the right channel to use? Do you want to know how others in Higher Education community are tackling these problems? The Communications, Liaison and Information Working Group of TLIG is compiling a best practice guide for IT/Information and Converged services looking for advice on communicating with their users. This workshop will look at issues raised by some of these case studies, which looked at blended communication approaches, newsletters, blogs, websites and the importance of community.

Please note that a wiki has been set up to support the event.


The event will be held at the Coventry TechnoCentre, a dedicated conference centre based at the University of Coventry. It is conveniently located for rail, bus and coach stations and sits between the M1, M42 and M40.


This presentation will describe the first year of the UK Web Focus blog. The talk will explain why the blog was set up and the approaches taken to launching the blog. A description will be given of how the blog developed over its first year and became a key component of the dissemination and user engagement on behalf of Brian Kelly, the blog author, in his role as UK Web Focus at UKOLN.

The presentation will conclude by arguing that blogs should be playing an important role in the communications activities of IT Service departments. Brian will describe support materials he has developed to help others establish blog services and ensure that their successful deployment into service.



The UK Web Focus Blog
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