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Event Amplification Using Social Media

Transcript of Discusssion on Authorstream

A transcript of the discussions which took place during Brian Kelly's talk on "Event Amplification Using Social Media" is given below. Note that the disussion took place in the Authorstream environment.

Note that the following people took part in the discussion: Steve Boneham (using Brian Kelly's Authorstream account); @whaa; @mhawksey; @andypowe11 and @eventamplifier.

briankelly (Steve Boneham): Steve Boneham to progress slides shortly whaa : Anyone to "discuss" with...?

eventamplifier : I am certainly here (and on Twitter) but I am sure there are other viewers as well

briankelly (Steve Boneham): Is anyone moving through the slides? I'm not, but they are moving???

briankelly (Steve Boneham): Also, I'm not really briankelly

whaa : steve - i'll click fwd through slides... Do i grab control?

briankelly (Steve Boneham): Hi whaa (steve here)

whaa : oh, i can't move the slides anymore

briankelly (Steve Boneham): hopefully turned off remote control so i can drive it now...

whaa : Back to being the powerless remote watcher... :-(

briankelly (Steve Boneham): think you can view pres independently, just not the live view - search for bk on authorstream

whaa : Watching slides, listening to audio rather effective

mhawksey : ;-)

briankelly (Steve Boneham):

whaa : would be nice if audio was a bit better though

briankelly (Steve Boneham): hi mhawksey - your twitter subtitler getting a shout out from brian :-)

briankelly (Steve Boneham): no lapel mic - audio straight into laptop - so should be easy to improve

whaa : Yep. Another example where small tweaks would make considerable improvements

whaa : How far ahead are we in "our sector" than others in HE?

briankelly (Steve Boneham): as in, usage at non-tech academic conferences?

whaa : yep

whaa : Esp. ones where they rely on delegate fees to pay for the conference

briankelly (Steve Boneham): been a while, but those I'm still in touch with say its not common (yet). See the THE article 'don't be arfaid to share'?

whaa : is Brian saying he's a PLANT ?!

briankelly (Steve Boneham): fire alarm... everyone out!

briankelly (Steve Boneham): Oh, just a test ;-)

whaa : Like that quote... Steve - steal it!

briankelly (Steve Boneham): done!

andypowe11 : i think there's also a role for someone to simply 'host' the virtual side of the event - a virtual chair if you like

eventamplifier : lol :-P

andypowe11 : welcoming delegates - telling them what is happening in the room, etc.

whaa : Good point Andy.

eventamplifier : That is effectively what I often end up doing as part of the live commentary

whaa : Organisers need to decide if amplification is an "added benefit" or "integral part" of conf/event etc

andypowe11 : @eventamplifier - yes, i know... i just didn't see it in the list of things brian talked about :-)

eventamplifier : True

eventamplifier : The quote came from this presentation by the way:

andypowe11 : @whaa my personal view is that the notion of 'amplification' promotes the primacy of the f2f part of the event - in practice we are increasingly just seeing 'hybrid' events that mix real and virtual

andypowe11 : ...and that we would see better events if we always approached them as being 'hybrid' from the outset - rather than saying, "here's a f2f event that we can amplify" ??

briankelly (Steve Boneham): interested in idea of remote participants as 1st class citizens, Think I tend to present differently to f2f & remote...

briankelly (Steve Boneham): (btw, for others in chat - i'm not brian - i'm steve from netskills driving the slides while bk talks)

whaa : @andy Really like your insight re. amplification vs hybid

whaa : @steve 'hybird' perhaps caputures our discussions re. 'blended seminars' ?

andypowe11 : i think the business model issues are important - but hidden in academia currently because so many events are free to attend (i.e. paid for by orgs such as jisc / eduserv / etc.) - amplification of paid-for events is different and you often have to pay to be in the amplified stream

briankelly (Steve Boneham): Yep - and reminds me that we might need to have some guidelines for remote presenters to remote audiences...

whaa : Yeah I questioned that earlier. In my experience, many subject based conferences rely on x number of paying delegates to be viable

andypowe11 : note: this is a good example of where the amplified discussion has become fractured across authorstream and twitter - this is the kind of thing that needs managing/chairing (sorry, no criticism intended - i know it is hard to do)

briankelly (Steve Boneham): Brian looking at this chat panel "Oh my God, what's andy said?" ;-)

whaa : Think today is rather "organic" !

andypowe11 : also... brian has stepped away from the mic - so no idea what is happening currently :-)

eventamplifier : A lot of the experiments and developments now are more to do with how to combine the tools in userfriendly ways to create a better experience, so I think we will see this improve

briankelly (Steve Boneham): In room discussion leading to coffee in a moment - sorry to be neglecting remote attendees

briankelly (Steve Boneham): Was a surprise that was doing this, so sorry its improvised!

briankelly (Steve Boneham): Any questions for Brian?

whaa : DRAT ... gotter go to a meeting. At least I can close video but leave authorstrem open to catch up on discussion later

briankelly (Steve Boneham): Brian bringing up fragmentation issue, addressing with search, aggregation and archiving

briankelly (Steve Boneham): reflective posts of attendees

briankelly (Steve Boneham): Find watching remotely with others, then discussing after useful forreflection

briankelly (Steve Boneham): is there a role for local hubs to facilitate remote attendance 'at' events?

briankelly (Steve Boneham): (that's my q, not brian's)

andypowe11 : for the last eduserv symposium there was at least one remote 'hub' that i was aware of - where a group of people (at sheffield I think) got together to watch the remote stream

andypowe11 : i think that is an interesting model

eventamplifier : In terms of staff training I think that would be a useful model

eventamplifier : often getting companies to allow staff time to follow online from work is difficult

briankelly (Steve Boneham): plan to try it with some netskills seminars. remote pres & follow upactivities, facilitated locally

briankelly (Steve Boneham): in external speakers, presenting remotely, then us helpinng with activities for 'hubs' providing support to do somepractical foolow up stuff

briankelly (Steve Boneham): Apologies for my typing in that last mesg - hope it makes somesense?!