Blogs and Social Networks Workshop: Blogging In A Managed Environment

Blogs and Social Networks Workshop Workshop

This page provides access to the slides to be used by Stephen Clarke in his talk on "Blogging In A Managed Environment".


Blogging is often seen as being symbolic of the freedom of the Web, and recent evidence from some of the world's hotspots does show that it can be a valuable medium for free speech.

However blogs, or reflective journals to be prosaic, are a valuable educational tool for structured and managed recording of thoughts, reflections and learning experiences.

At the University of Birmingham blogs are in widespread use. But the blogs at the University are embedded, and generally not optional, parts of learning and teaching programmes. As such it is essential for students to use blogs, this puts a moral and pragmatic duty on the University to ensure that the blogging environment is safe, secure, reliable and managed.

This presentation will explore the positive benefits that a managed blogging environment has brought to learners.


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