UKOLN Highlights of the WWW 8 Conference

About the Talk

A seminar giving Highlights of the WWW 8 Conference was given by Brian Kelly, UKOLN at the University of Bristol on Tuesday 29th June 1999 at 1 pm. The seminar was hosted by LTSS (Learning Technology Support Service) which is part of ILRT (Institute for Learning and Research Technology).

The seminar covered:

The seminar included an opportunity for questions and general discussions on web developments.


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Trip Report
Trip Report

About the Author

Brian Kelly is UK Web Focus, a national web coordination post for the UK Higher Education community. Brian is based at UKOLN, University of Bath. Brian has attended the first, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth WWW conferences. He has been a member of the programme committee for several of the conferences and gave a short paper on Subject-Based Information Gateways in the UK at WWW8, which included details of the information gateways hosted by the ILRT (SOSIG and Biz/ED).

Brian has close links with the University of Bristol. He gave a seminar at the University of Bristol on 13th June 1997 (see <URL:>) and 3 June 1998 (see <URL:>).