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Best Practices for Project Blogs


Brian Kelly gave a 30 minute talk on Best Practices for Project Blogs at an All Staff Contact Day on 12th December 2011.


Increasingly JISC programmes are requiring projects to provide blogs in order to enhance user engagement and dissemination activities. UKOLN has several years experience in providing a variety of blogs, including personal/professional blogs (such as the UK Web Focus and Ramblings of a Remote Worker blogs), project blogs (such as the live SageCite, UKOLN Developers, DevCSI and Beginner's Guide to Digital Preservation blogs and the archived LOCAH, Good APIs, SIS Landscape Study and SUETr blogs), collaborative blogs (such as the JISC PoWR blog provided by staff at UKOLN and ULCC), event blogs (such as the IWMW 2011, IWMW 2010 and IWMW 2009 blogs and blogs for specific communities (such as the Cultural Heritage blog).

UKOLN is therefore well-positioned to build on its expertise and provide timely and appropriate blog posts to support its project work and to act as exemplars of good practice for future work.

This brief talk is based on a recent presentation on "Blogging Practices To Support Project Work" given to projects funded by the JISC MRD programme.

The talk will address the following issues:

  • Why blog?
  • The purpose of the blog
  • Blog content
  • Assessing the impact of the blog
  • Some technical issues
  • Dealing with problems
  • Managing the blog when the project is over


Best Practices for Project Blogs
[MS PowerPoint format]