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A Risks and Opportunities Framework For Exploiting Social Web Services


Brian Kelly gave an online presentation on A Risks and Opportunities Framework For Exploiting Social Web Services at an online event on "Ask the Experts: Web 2.0 Policies and Frameworks" organised by the Best Practice Models for e-Learning community and hosted by the Staffordshire University Learning Development and Innovation team. The event was held on 7th March 2011 from 14.00-16.00. Note the presentation will last for 20 minutes and will be hosted in a Dimdim environment.


The potential benefits provided by various Social Web services are becoming better understood, with take-up of such services now moving beyond the early adopters. But the concerns raised by sceptics, such as the sustainability of such services, reliance on third parties services with no formal contractual agreements and the various concerns over legal and privacy issues, have not disappeared.

But continuing to make use of the apparently safe in-house services is not necessarily the best option. In-house services may themselves not be sustainable in light of the cuts we are seeing in higher education. Such services may also fail to deliver the services which may now be expected, which may benefits from the large communities provided by various global services.

In this brief online presentation Brian Kelly will describe a risks and opportunities framework which has been developed to support the assessment of the risks of using Social Web services, the missed opportunities which failing to use such services may entail and the identification of risk minimisation strategies.


The following slides were used for the talk.

[MS PowerPoint format]

Please note that the slides are also available on Slideshare and embedded below.