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Techshare 2009 Conference

The following talk was accepted for the Techshare 2009 conference. The talk was given from 14:30-15:10 on 17th September 2009.

A01: From Web Accessibility To Web Adaptability


W3C WAI has been successful in raising awareness of the importance of accessibility of Web resources. But the evidence, such as the DRC survey of 1,000 Web sites, shows that the WAI guidelines - in particular the WCAG guidelines for Web content - have failed to be implemented widely. And although the WCAG 2.0 guidelines remedy some of the flaws in the original guidelines, the WAI approach is still based on the view that accessibility is a function of the resource together with the tools used to create and access the resource.

An alternative approach has been under development since 2005 which focusses on the needs of the individual, rather than conformance with universal guidelines. Such user needs will have a context which may not be addressed by a one-size-fits-all approach.

This talk describes the approach which has been developed by a group of UK disability researchers and practitioners which provides a framework for making use of the WAI approach.



The slides used in the talk are available below.

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A video of the talk is available:

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From Web Accessibility to Web Adaptability from Brian Kelly on Vimeo.


Note that a version of the slides used in a rehearsal for the talk, including a slidecast providing an audio version of the talk, is also available.

Rehearsal (made on 20 August 2009)
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A slidecast of the rehearsal of the talk is given below:

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