UKOLN Providing Information on the Web

The talk on Providing Information on the Web was given at LibTech 97 at the University of Hertfordshire on 11th September 1997, as part of the LAITG session on Web Building: A Practical Guide to all You Need to Know.

The Presentation

Providing Information on the Web
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Accompanying Briefing Sheet

Providing Information on the Web Briefing Sheet
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This presentation will cover the main topics that information providers on the Web will need to be aware of. The presentation will cover the different approaches to authoring HTML documents, from the use of simple authoring and document conversion tools to more sophisticated document management systems. The presentation will also describe ways in which existing systems, such as databases, can be integrated with the Web. An appreciation of the design issues of Web pages will also be given.

Speaker Biography

Brian Kelly is UK Web Focus - a national web coordination post for the UK Higher Education community. Brian is based at UKOLN (UK Office for Library and Information Networking), University of Bath. His responsibilities include monitoring web developments, keeping the UK HE community informed of web developments, coordinating various web activities within the community and representing JISC on W3C (the World Wide Web Consortium).

Brian has been involved with the Web since early 1993. He helped set up the Web service at Leeds University in January 1993 - the first institutional web service in the UK HE community. He was active in promoting the web throughout the community, giving numerous presentations. He attended the first WWW conference in Switzerland in May 1994, and gave a paper on Providing Information On The World Wide Web at the JENC 6 / INET 94 conference in Prague in June 1994.

From October 1995 to October 1996 Brian worked as the Senior Netskills Trainer for the Netskills project, based at Newcastle University. He moved to UKOLN in November 1996.