Optimizing Technology in Libraries - ILI 2004 Conference - 12 October 2004

The following sessions have been accepted for the Internet Librarian International 2004 Conference to be held at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London on 10-12th October 2004.

1. Beyond E-mail! Wikis, Blogs and Social Networking Software (Session B201)

A 45 minute talk on "Beyond E-mail! Wikis, Blogs and Social Networking Software".
Abstract (up to 100 words)
We are familiar with use of the Web for publishing. But recent innovations provide much richer mechanisms to support communications and collaboration. Some people argue that 'Communications, and not content, is King'. In certain communities, such as young people, we find that communications tools such as instant messaging and mobile phone technologies are widely used and even replacing use of e-mail.
In this talk Brian Kelly will outline such communications technologies together with collaborative technologies, such as Wikis and Blogs, and their convergence in social networking software.
Brian will describe challenges in deploying such tools and outline strategies for their deployment.
Objectives Of The Session
By the end of the session, audience members will be aware of emerging new communications and collaborative technologies, will have seen examples of how they are being used, will be aware of possible dangers which should technologies may involve and of strategies for evaluating such technologies.
Date And Time
The talk will be part of the "Optimizing Technology in Libraries" B201 session which will be held on Tuesday, 12th October 2004 from 10:30-12:30. The talk will last for 30 minutes.
Brian Kelly (UKOLN)
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2. Panel Session - Optimising Technology in Libraries (Session B202)

Following the presentation described above Brian Kelly took part in a panel session.

Optimising Technology in Libraries
Frank Cervone, Assistant University Librarian for Information Technology, Northwestern University (USA), Michael Stephens, Technology Librarian, St. Joseph County Public Library (USA) and Brian Kelly, UK Web Focus, UKOLN.
Join the three speakers in this special session for stimulating discussion of where technology for libraries is headed, which new developments they see as best bets for successful projects, and their tips on strategies, deployment and technical problems.
Date And Time
The panel will be part of the "Optimising Technology in Libraries" session (B202) which will be held on Tuesday, 12th October 2004 from 11:45-12:30. The panel will last for 45 minutes.
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Biographical Details

Brian Kelly is UK Web Focus, a post funded by JISC and the MLA which advises the UK's higher and further education communities and museums, libraries and archives sector on best practices in use of the Web. Brian is an experienced presenter, and has spoken at all the previous Internet Librarian Conferences held in the UK. Brian works at UKOLN, a national centre of expertise in digital information management, which is based at the University of Bath. He is the project manager for the JISC-funded QA Focus project and has given several presentations on this work.


Michaal Stephens, a fellow panellist, provided a report on his blog about the conference and our session.