UKOLN Standards and Technologies for Hybrid Libraries

Talk at the HyLiFe 99 Conference

A talk on "Standards and Technologies for Hybrid Libraries" was given in the "Technological Issues: where are we now?" session at the Integrate, Co-operate, Innovate II: eLib Phase 3 in Context Conference organised by the HyLiFe eLib project. The conference was held at the Open University Conference Centre, Gray's Inn Road, London on 24/25th November 1999.


Standards and Technologies For Hybrid Libraries
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Technologies For Hybrid Libraries: Implementation Issues
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Abstract for the "Technological Issues: where are we now?" Session

Ian Upton's talk has the title: "BUILDER : The DIY Guide". It asks the question "So how practical is it to implement the Hybrid Library?" This 'nuts and bolts' talk looks at some of the technologies developed and used by BUILDER and how they can be implemented on your systems today. The talk will cover Infrastructure, Authentication, Seamlessness and Search Engine Technologies.

Brian Kelly and Paul Miller will give a talk on "Standards and Technologies for Hybrid Libraries". This will cover standards such as XML, RDF, Z39.50, etc. followed by a review of the approaches which are being taken within the community.

Following the presentations Ian, Brian and Paul will lead a general discussion which will address some of the, possibly contentious issues associated with the implementation of a hybrid library.

Proposed Timetable

The session lasts for 75 minutes (from 15:15 to 16:30). The following timetable is proposed:

Time Comments Speaker
2 mins Introduction Chair?
15 mins Standards for Hybrid Libraries (Data Formats)
To cover problems with HTML -> XML -> XML apps, such as RDF
15 mins Standards for Hybrid Libraries (metadata and searching)
Dublin Core, Z39.50, ...
15 mins "BUILDER : The DIY Guide" IU
5 mins What is the community doing?
Report on survey of institutional search engines, from Ariadne article
5 mins What is the community doing?
Report on ...
10 mins What should the community doing?
Panel session / general discussion on topics such as:
  • Shrink-wrapped vs open source
  • Standards-driven vs pragmatism
  • Can shrink-wrapped software deliver open standards?
  • ...