Raising Awareness

"A centre of excellence in digital information management, providing advice and services to the library, information and cultural heritage communities."

UKOLN is based at the University of Bath.

Temporary Staff


Tracy Elliot - provided temporary support effort in the Admin Office, summer 2010.

Alice Lewis - helped with the proofreading of peer-reviewed articles and papers published in the International Journal of Digital Curation. Alice graduated from the University of Bath in the summer of 2010.

Joyce Lee - assisted with the preparation of peer-reviewed articles and papers for the IJDC. Joyce completed a PhD in Management with the University of Bath School of Management.

Qi Michelle Wang - Michelle assisted with the preparation of peer-reviewed articles and papers for the IJDC in the Spring of 2009. Michelle completed a PhD in Education at the University of Bath.

Technical team – student alumni

Matt Waters worked on archiving and preservation of websites.

Adam Chen worked on the lifecycle analysis of social websites.

Jenny Luo worked on various projects at UKOLN, including low-cost user input using piezo sensors, a review of social web applications in China and text analysis for mailing lists.

Chenchen Yuan worked at UKOLN on Electronics for Conference Amplification

Harsh Khatri worked on a usability analysis of ebook readers. He has since moved to work with Amazon.

Tom Richards worked with UKOLN on IEMSR and He studied Maths and Computer Science.

Dominik Sekotill worked on the IEMSR project, on updating RSSXpress and on various hardware projects.

Amit Pore - worked on Tagometer.

Rob Legien - worked on a usability review for the British Library.

Wei Jiang - worked on the project. He is a PhD student at the University of Bath.

Alexey Strelnikov - worked at UKOLN on the IEMSR project since October 2008. He was working primarily on the Java client tool for IEMSR, as well as

Dilini Ekanayake worked for UKOLN in Summer 2009 on the project. She was a postgraduate student at the University of Bath studying towards an MSc in Innovation and Technology Management.