Library and Information Commission: Prosposals for Consultation

Library and Information Commission Prospects: a strategy for action

Library and Information Research, Development and Innovation in the United Kingdom - Proposals for consultation

Library and Information Commission Research Committee, November 1997

UKOLN prepared the following documents for web access and hosted them on behalf of the Library and Information Commission (1995-2000). The Commission's web site is at

The Library and Information Commission (LIC) was established in 1995 to provide Government with a national focus of expertise in the field of library and information services. Its core objectives are:

The Chairman and 13 Commissioners serve on a voluntary basis and are appointed by the Secretary of State. In its central activity , the Commission relates only to England and Northern Ireland, but the Commission's two committees, International and Research, both have a UK wide remit. The LIC's small Secretariat is headed by the Chief Executive who, as Accounting Officer, is responsible to Parliament for the grant-in-aid received from its sponsoring Department, the Department for Culture Media and Sport.


Chairman's Foreword
1. The Vision
2. The Scope
United Kingdom-wide
Sectoral and cross-sectoral collaboration
Library and Information services
3. The Players
People who use library and information services
People who manage library and information services
Research commissioning bodies and other policy makers
4. The Research Programme
Framework of priorities for research
Core themes
Connectivity: Access to the information society
Content: Resources for the information society
Competences: Skills for the information society
Fundamental themes:
The impact and value of library and information services
The economics of library and information services
5. The Infrastructure
Forward planning of research
Funding research
Assuring quality of research activity
Communicating information about research
Transferring research into practice
Summary of actions proposed for infrastructure development
6. Roles
The role of the Library and Information Commission
The role of the British Library Research and Innovation Centre
The role of other organisations
7. Consultation
Multi sectoral consultation
Mapping Exercise
Consultation Exercise
Background research reports and data
How to respond
The 2020 Vision
Commissioners and members of the Research Committee