Library and Information Commission Prospects: a strategy for action

Library and Information Research, Development and Innovation in the United Kingdom - Proposals for consultation

Library and Information Commission Research Committee, November 1997

[7] Consultation

Multi-sectoral consultation

The Library and Information Commission has already developed formal and informal relationships with many relevant national and international government departments, and policy and research bodies.
The strategy has been developed by a process of gathering facts and opinions from a broad constituency. Views have been sought from a wide range of individuals representing the library and information community in national, government, public, academic, commercial and voluntary organisations. Many other organisations and disciplines besides the library and information services community have been approached - including academic, research, publishing, business, scientific, social, economic, technological, political and commercial interests.

Mapping Exercise

An in-depth, multi-sectoral and multi-national mapping exercise involved consultation with representatives of the library and information services community. Six focus groups were convened, for the following sectors:
  1. Higher and further education
  2. Business, commerce and industry
  3. Practitioner support
  4. National libraries, scientific research, museums and galleries
  5. Public libraries and information , schools and lifelong learning
  6. Networking and co-operation

Consultation Exercise

A broad, multi-sectoral consultation exercise gathered the views of many organisations throughout the United Kingdom, within and beyond the library and information services community. A number of data gathering techniques were used: interviews, questionnaires, focus groups and Delphi type surveys.

Background research reports and data

The Library and Information Commission will make available the report of the Research Mapping Exercise and the manuscript indexes of research compiled by the Vision Research Consortium, and the report of the Consultation Exercise, by David Haynes Associates and Information Management Associates. This will be done as a supporting action to the final strategy.

How to respond

We offer these proposals as a basis for consultation with all interested organisations, both within and beyond the library and information community.

To assist with the process of collating comments and suggestions from a large number of organisations, you are invited to incorporate the following headings in your response:

Responses in non-electronic format should be sent to:

The Research Strategy Coordinator
The Library and Information Commission]
2 Sheraton Street

to be received by 31st December 1997

This document is also available in electronic downloadable format, with guidance for making responses, at the following World Wide Web address:

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