Library and Information Commission Prospects: a strategy for action

Library and Information Research, Development and Innovation in the United Kingdom - Proposals for consultation

Library and Information Commission Research Committee, November 1997


2020 Vision

The UK will play a leading role in the dominant global information economy through:

External Environmental relating to LIS

The Commission recognises that library and information services are operating in a rapidly changing and increasingly sophistcated external environment where:

Proposition: Values

The Commission believes in the added value of library and information services which:

A holistic rather than a sectoral approach is necessary in order to realise fully the potential value of library and information services in society.

The Vision for 2020

Given the impact of LIS values on external factors:

Intentions of the Commission

The Library and Information Commission will promote and encourage:


Matthew Evans (Chairman)
Douglas Adams (resigned 1996)
Councillor Edwin Arram
Sir Charles Chadwyck-Healey, Bt
Dr George Chambers
Professor Mel Collier
Professor Judith Elkin
Grace Kempster
Dr Brian Lang
Derek Law
Dr Bob McKee
Rabbi Julia Neuberger (resigned 1997)
Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer, Bt
Dr Sandra Ward
Mark Wood

Members of the Research Committee

Professor Mel Collier ( C )
Michael Breaks
Professor Joan Day
Martin Dudley
Professor Judith Elkin
Nigel Macartney
Ian McGowan
Dr Bob McKee
Norman Russell
Dr Sandra Ward
Mark Wood

Ex officio:

Derek Law, Chairman, International Committee
Matthew Evans, Chairman, Library and Information Commission
Margaret Haines, Chief Executive, Library and Information Commission

( C ) denotes Commissioner

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