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on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Project web site

Programme area
Electronic Journals

Contact details
James Wisdom, Head of Educational and Staff Development,
London Guildhall University Old Castle Street, London E1 7NT
Phone: 0171 320 1096 Fax: 0171 320 1096

Graham Alsop, Educational Developer,
London Guildhall University, Old Castle Street, London E1 7NT
Phone: 0171 320 1104 Fax: 0171 321096

Project description

as of January 4th 1996


This is a project to establish an interactive electronic magazine with an associated archive (database) to support library staff, academic staff, educational developers and computing staff concerned with the innovative design and delivery of courses, particularly those with substantial electronic input.

The philosophy behind it is that the incorporation of information technology and other changes into the learning process is inevitably changing and re-modelling that process and that it is essential to devise a mechanism through which the main players can rapidly evaluate their work and share good practice.

The aim is to contribute to an increased understanding of how modern university education can best be provided to more students, and a more diverse student population who will be exercising their rights of access as resources allow. It aims to increase the number of staff who are comfortable with new technologies. And it will create dialogue between groups of staff who - more and more - need to be able to understand and work with each other. The increase in the use of the Internet and the Web is so rapid that the project will be designed to be responsive and experimental: it will include a watching brief on similar or transportable developments elsewhere on the network.


The project team will use both traditional and electronic means to set up a network of librarians, educational developers and academics which will use the opportunities offered by the World Wide Web to develop a new and appropriate approach to electronic publishing and build up a database of material of good, innovative and/or interesting pedagogic practice. This will focus in particular on course design and delivery which makes best use of learning resources, especially those related to the other aspects of the FIGIT project, but encompassing other developments such as outcomes of the Teaching and Learning Technology Project. The project will also search out and make links with other relevant publications and forums with a similar focus on improving the quality of learning. The use of IT which is inherent in the project will be, of itself, an educational purpose, the use of the medium will be a major part of the message.

The core material of the magazine will be reports from each university, found by librarians, academics or educational developers, on such things as the progress of other aspects of the FIGIT programme, the Teaching and Learning Technology Project, other projects on resource-based learning and important or innovatory developments in good educational practice. It will carry information from SEDA, Kogan Page, SCONUL, the Library Association and others.


At London Guildhall University there is an educational developer - Graham Alsop - whose role is to create and edit the magazine and the database material and to develop appropriate forms of feedback and evaluation; this person liaises with colleagues in educational development units in other universities, commissioning material and reports; they coordinate the dissemination and trainiing process; and they liaise with The New Academic, the magazine of teaching and learning in Higher Education.

Also the project has an IT Practioner - David Slater - who mounts and maintains the sevices on the World Wide Web, designs and implements the protocols for authors, acts as a help point for participants and manages the mailbase mail-list. Sanjay Rao is the projectÕs administrator.

At Kingston University there is a Librarian - Bill Downey - who liaises with colleagues in university libraries, commisions reports on projects of interest, explores the feasibility of mounting bibliographic data from other sources (and, if successful, find and mount it); with the others, plans and delivers dissemination seminars and workshops. The project is supervised by James Wisdom, Head, Educational & Staff Development, London Guildhall University, (Chair, Staff and Educational Development Networks Committee) and Nik Pollard, Head, Library and Media Services, Kingston University (Vice-Chair, Standing Conference of National and University Librarians) The Project Advisory Team will is:

  • Philippa Dolphin (Birkbeck College)
  • Alan Jenkins (Oxford Brookes University)
  • Carole Symes (London Guildhall University)
  • Jane Knight (London Gulldhall University)
  • Dolores Black (Kogan Page) Publishing Director
  • Gina Wisker (Anglia Polytechnic University) Editor, Innovations in Education and Training International
  • David Baume (London Guildhall University)
  • Sally Brown (Northumbria), Co-Chair, Staff and Educational Development Association and Chair SEDA Publications
  • Ivan Moore (Ulster), Chair, The New Academic
  • Chris Tompsett (Kingston University) Information Systems Design
  • Graham Gibbs (Oxford Centre for Staff Development)

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The Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib) was funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC)
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