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eOn: Inter-Institutional Networking of Learning Materials

Project web site

Programme area
On Demand Publishing

Contact details
Trevor Cornwell, Project Manager,
SITG, University of Northumbria
Phone: 0191 227 3040 Fax: 0191 227 3055

Anne Kropholler, Project Head, Director of Learning Support Services,
University of East London
Phone: 0181 849 3520 Fax: 0181 849 3504

Project description

as of January 4th 1996


This project will directly address the key issues that are changing the methods of delivery of teaching and learning in higher education. It will produce a large scale demonstrator model for on-demand publishing of open learning materials to HE students and staff.


The on-demand publishing network will be available for students to use individually or in formal and informal groups:
  • Anywhere on Campus
  • In the classroom/lecture theatre, seminar room
  • In the Library
  • In the Learning Resource Centre
  • At home
  • At work
For staff to use
  • In tutorials, seminars, practical session
  • In conjunction with other resources
  • By modifying materials produced by other academic staff.


The consortium will mount open learning materials, produced by the Open Learning Foundation, commercial publishers and the three Universities, over their local networks. IT tools, software networks and standards currently available within the HE sector will be used. The material will initially be within the Business Studies, Nursing and Health areas, although at the later stages of the project access will be made available to the widest possible range of materials.

The end products will include

  • A working IT based on-demand publishing system, with established ways forward in areas such as copyright and charging for usage
  • Models of the educational and administrative infrastructures required to support this approach in the areas of Library, IT, open and distance learning, course design and quality assurance and to enable inter-institutional networking
  • A corpus of material available for use electronically, generated by academic staff, the OLF and commercial publishers
  • Increased knowledge and experience, made available to the sector, of this technology and its educational implications.
The materials will be available through IT networks on an open access basis. Students and staff will be able to identify and print appropriate selections. A facility to enable staff to tailor material locally will also be available. It is anticipated that students will either print out pages locally as they view the screen (particularly for scientific, technical and image based information) or they will download it into the institutional word processing/spreadsheet package for subsequent use.

All items will also be available in Libraries/Learning Resource Centres through networked workstations. Materials will be catalogued and bibliographic details made available via OPAC. Consortium members will share materials and investigate the on-line publishing implications of distance learning to their own off-campus students.

Experience and knowledge will be gained to assist in the effective educational use of on-demand publishing technologies. The role that the Library Service and its Library staff can play in supporting educational programmes delivery will be established, enabling Universities to gain insight into how best to integrate the provision of flexible learning into the changing role of Library and Information Services.


UEL, Anglia Polytechnic University, the University of Northumbria at Newcastle and the Open Learning Foundation have joined together to form the consortium to develop this project, which will form an integral part of the consortium members provision of formal educational programmes, library, IT and other learning services.

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