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Education-line: Electronic Texts in education and training

Project web site

Programme area

Contact details
Mr Philip Sheffield, Project Manager,
British Education Index Brotherton Library University of Leeds Leeds LS2 9JT
Phone: 0113 233 5524 Fax: 0113 233 5524

Mr Hugh Wellesley-Smith, Deputy Librarian,
Edward Boyle Library University of Leeds Leeds LS2 9JT
Phone: 0113 233 5542 Fax: 0113 233 5539

Project description

As of 24th July 1996


After the first round of eLib project funding for electronic journals, it was noted that "The main gaps identified are the wider exploitation of informal communications across the network, such as pre-print archives, grey literature and quality assurance (including refereeing) in an electronic context." Education-line is one of the projects resulting from recognition of this gap and addresses all of these issues.


Within its initial remit as an electronic archive of preprint and grey literature in the field of education and training, Education-line has several objectives:
  • to establish a generally accessible database of texts awaiting "traditional" publication or without widespread availability, making research results more quickly available
  • to facilitate visible discussion about such documents and general education and training issues
  • to provide a wide community of users with an information resource which promotes quality research and practice
The database will present electronic documents submitted by individual authors or research bodies. Documents will be indexed according to their content (subject matter) and type (research note, comment, conference paper, etc.) using a thesaural vocabulary. Sets of documents on the same theme will thus be retrievable together as will coherent discussions on themes or on particular documents. Different versions of a document will be identifiable. The search interface will allow searching by index terms via an on-line thesaurus as well as through free text. It is anticipated that the interface will be general purpose operating under BRS.

The project will address many of the issues raised generally by all of the eLib strands such as:

  • quality control in an electronic environment
  • the peer review process, both as a quality control mechanism and as a dynamic and visible educational process
  • general copyright issues
  • the accessibility of documents which are currently hard to find (or to find out about)
  • the nature and pattern of research and document presentation
  • the relationship between the availability of information through electronic and traditional print media and how a community of information users and providers reacts to a new medium.

Timetable and deliverables

Informal data collection will begin in mid-1996. A demonstration system and guidelines for document submission will be available in September 1996. Formal data collection will begin at that time. The official public launch of the database on the World Wide Web will be in early 1997.


The project will be managed within the British Education Index (BEI) office at the University of Leeds. The office specialises in the systematic description of literature in the field of education and training and is responsible for the maintenance of the BEI database which provides regular information about the contents of over 350 core British journals in the field. The BEI office will work in close association with a wide range of relevant research bodies and special interest groups, including, pre-eminently, the British Educational Research Association.

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