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Typology of repositories

Extended from:

Heery, Rachel and Anderson, Sheila. Digital Repositories Review, UKOLN and AHDS, 2005 (Final version), section 3

with reference to

Blinko, Kerry and McLean, Neil. 'A 'Cosmic' View of the Repositories Space (Wheel of Fortune)', 2004
Margaryan, Anoush , Currier, Sarah , Littlejohn, Allison, Nicol, David. Report on Learning Communities and Repositories, Community Dimensions of Learning Object Repositories, 2006


By Content type:

  • Research and/or experimental data; datasets
    • Raw research data
    • Derived research data
  • E-theses
    • PhD
    • MA, MSc
    • MPhil
    • Undergraduate
  • Eprints and related scholarly works (as defined by Eprints Application Profile)
    • Pre-print journal/conference papers
    • Peer-reviewed final drafts of journal/conference papers
    • Working or discussion papers
  • Original publications
    • Books
    • Book chapters
    • Institutional or departmental reports, including technical reports
  • Teaching materials
    • Learning objects
    • Assessment items
  • Corporate records (staff and student records, licences etc)
  • Multimedia
  • Images
  • Museum, library, archive objects


  • Digitized content
  • Born digital content
  • Metadata only


By Coverage:

  • Personal (author's personal archive)
  • Journal (output of a single journal or group of journals)
  • Departmental
  • Institutional
  • Inter-institutional (regional/consortial)
  • National
  • International
  • Commerical
  • Domain/subject-based
  • Public
  • Laboratory
  • Organisation (e.g. Learned Society)


By Function:

  • Resource discovery and location
    • Enhanced access to resources
    • Subject access to resources
  • Preservation of digital resources
  • New modes of dissemination/publication
  • Asset management
  • Sharing and re-use of resources
  • Scholarly communication
  • Commerce


By target user group and/or contributor:

  • Learners
  • Teachers
  • Researchers
  • Administrators


By business model or policy:

  • Curation
    • Curated
    • Non-curated
  • Persistance
    • Persistent archival
    • Persistent dynamic
    • Ephemeral
  • Access
    • Open access
    • Controlled access
    • Self-registration
  • Deposit
    • Open deposit
    • Controlled deposit
    • Self-registration
  • Rights enforcement
    • Public domain
    • Some rights reserved
    • Most rights reserved
    • All rights reserved
  • Workflow
    • Moderated
    • Unmoderated


By infrastructure:

  • Federated
  • Centralised
  • Decentralised
  • Peer-to-peer

Additional resources

This typology of repositories has been used as the basis for the following deliverable from PerX:

Macleod, Roddy and Moffat, Malcolm. Engineering Digital Repositories Landscape Analysis, and Implications for PerX Version 1.0 (10/11/05)

The CDLOR project is developing a typology of learning communities that use repositories of teaching and learning materials. Their first deliverable is a report based on desk research and initial stakeholder consultation, which outlines the problems of developing such a typology, as well as giving an early typology of dimensions of communities rather than a typology of discrete community types, similar to the Cosmic Wheel of Fortune's breakdown of dimensions or characteristics of repositories noted in the Ecology section:

McLean, Neil. 'The Ecology of Repository Services: A Cosmic View'. Presentation given at ECDL 2004, University of Bath.

Animated presentation of the 'wheel' in action:



Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS)
IESR identifier: http://purl.org/poi/iesr.ac.uk/1088607373-15883

Content: Multimedia; Images; Datasets; Museum, library, archive objects;
Content (extended): Digitized; Born Digital
Coverage: National
Function: Resource discovery and location; Preservation
User: Learners; Teachers; Researchers
Policy: Curated; Moderated; Some Rights Reserved; Controlled Access; Controlled Deposit
Infrastructure: Unknown


  • Aberdeen University Research Archive (AURA)
  • Birkbeck ePrints
  • Birmingham Eprints Service
  • Bristol Repository of Scholarly Eprints (ROSE)
  • Cadair, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, United Kingdom
  • Cardiff ePrints Caerdydd
  • Cranfield QUEprints
  • DSpace @ Cambridge
  • DSpace at Bromley College
  • DSpace at the London School of Economics Library
  • Durham e-Prints
  • e-Prints Soton
  • e-space at Manchester Metropolitan University (e-space at MMU)
  • Edinburgh Research Archive (ERA)
  • Glasgow DSpace Service
  • Glasgow ePrints Service
  • Imperial Eprints
  • King's Eprints Archive (KCL eprints)
  • L-Space - London South Bank University
  • Lancaster E-Prints
  • Loughborough University Institutional Repository
  • LSE Research Online
  • Middlesex University Digital Repository
  • Newcastle University Library E-Print Pilot
  • Nottingham eDissertations
  • Nottingham ePrints
  • Nottingham eTheses
  • Oxford Eprints
  • Royal Holloway Research Online
  • School of Oriental and African Studies Eprints Repository
  • StÆprints - St Andrews Eprints
  • Strathprints: The University of Strathclyde Institutional Repository
  • The Open University Library's Eprints Archive
  • UniS Scholarship Online, University of Surrey
  • UCL Eprints (University College London Eprints)
  • University of Portsmouth Eprints Archive
  • University of Stirling Digital Repository
Edinburgh Research Archive

Content: Eprints and related scholarly works; Original publications; Theses
Coverage: Institutional
Function: Resource discovery and location
User: Researchers
Policy: Non-Curated; Moderated; Open Access; Controlled Deposit; Some Rights Reserved
Infrastructure: Centralised


Ted Nelson's EPrint Archive, University of Southampton (Soton)


See the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) for more open access journals.


  • DCS Publications Archive (http://publications.dcs.shef.ac.uk/)
  • Faculty of Technology ePrints Service - University of Lincoln
  • Modern Languages Publications Archive (MLPA) Nottingham
  • University of Oxford Mathematical Institute Eprints Archive
  • University of Warwick Centre for Scientific Computing
  • MIMS EPrints, Manchester Institute for Mathematical Sciences (MIMS), University of Manchester
  • Queen's Papers on Europeanisation & ConWEB, School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy, Queen's University, Belfast


  • White Rose Consortium ePrints Repository






  • R4L (development project)