Talk:CRIG Repository Challenge at OR08

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DRAFT Agenda


Concerns and Questions

  • Will the PA system be loud enough at dinner?
  • How many courses are there, and how will they be served? starter waiting at table, main at buffet, desert, coffee etc?
  • number of projectors and plasma screens
  • room reserved from Monday to Thursday for RepoChallenge
  • flipcharts for room and registration area

Monday 31st of March:

Pre-Registration (?and JISC poster day?)

  • 2pm-6pm: Registration for conference and repository challenge
    • ?posters in main hallway of building 32 leading to registration desk in foyer of main lecture hall (keynote venue)

Tuesday 1st of April

  • ?8.00am Registration Open for OR08
    • 7.00am-8.00am Registration Open for Repository Challenge in main registration area.
    • 8.00am Announcement of Repository Challenge Rules and Regulations?
  • 9.00am-10.30 Conference Keynote
    • 10.30 (after keynote) Repository Challenge Base Camp open on 4th floor of main building rm???
    • 10.30-11.00 Inspirational hacking presentation (MZ) coffee and snacks.
    • 11.00-12.00: Rm?? Repository Base Camp open for team meetings.
    • 12.00-2pm: Pizza, Code, and Team Declaration
      • Flipcharts around the room for team declaration and blueprints
      • Wiki U/P for ad hoc team notices
    • 2pm-5.30pm: Rm?? Open for ad hoc team usage (WoCRIG team on hand for suport)
  • 5.30pm Minute Madness: poster intros
  • 7pm-9pm Poster Session Open and Appetizers

Wednesday 2nd of April

  • 9am OR08 Day Begins
    • 9am-4pm: Repository Challenge rooms ?? are open (and stocked with drinks/food) for ad hoc team meetings (4th Floor room??)
    • 4pm: Official Deadline for entering contest: All Project wishing to be entered into the judging process must schedule a time (on Thursday) to show off their demo to the judges. This can be done in Repository Challenge Base Camp room ??
    • 5pm: Barcamp Party for all contestants (at Hobbit Pub?).
    • CRIG to provide appetizers and first drink coupon for each RepoChallenge participant

Thursday 3rd of April

    • 9am-2pm: RepoChallenge Prototyping Presentations to Judges
      • 10min presentation of prototype / 5 minute Q&A from judges
      • All presentation sessions will be video recorded (Ayesha)
    • 12 Noon: Walk-through of Awards Dinner at lunch
    • 1pm (after lunch) set-up of ballroom for dinner
    • 2pm-4pm: Judges consultation and video editing
    • 4pm: Shortlist of Top Five Prototypes
    • 4pm-6pm: Video editing of Prototypes (Ayesha)

Conference Awards Dinner Timings

  • 6pm: Bar outside conference dinner room open (magician)
    • 5 shortlisted prototypes on LCD screen in bar playing (looped)
    • magician gets people to watch video via magic! and gets them thinking of upcoming ballot vote.
  • 7pm: conference dinner announced and dinner room open for seating (?violin and piano?)
    • magician announces dinner and open doors asking people to find a seat.
  • 7.15: Welcome to event by Les and Neil (tuxedos?), thanks to JISC, CRIG, etc.
    • 5min: Les - welcome, summary of conf, image montage? etc.
    • 5min: Wendy Hall Web Science Initiative Sponsor
    • 5min: David - explanation of RepoChallenge and sequence of events for the evening.
      • Top 5 Prototype Shortlist announcement and identification of judges
      • Ballot explanation: comments area, feedback will go towards further product dev via CRIG
  • 7.30: Tables begin to be invited up to buffet (by magicians?)
    • 7.30 - Prototype Video no.1 (while people are getting their food)
      • music played between videos?
    • 7.50 - Prototype Video no.2 (while people are getting/eating main course)
      • Main Buffet Food: Breast of Chicken, Crispy Parma Ham, etc
    • 8.10 - Prototype Video no.3 (while main course dishes are being cleared from the tables)
    • 8.30 - Prototype Video no.4 (while dessert is being served)
      • Dessert Served (every other seat) Banoffee Pie and Dark Chocolate Teardrop
    • 8.50 - Prototype Video no.5 (while dessert plates are being cleared)
    • 9.00 - Votes collected (prior to coffee being served!)
  • 9.15: JISC Speech (coffee served)
  • 9.30: Announcement of winners and end of evening.
    • runner-up (category specific awards and honorable mention)
    • Grand Prize
    • Thanks and end of evening by Les and Neil.