SOURCE GUI Prototyping Workshop

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Monday March 31st from 10.30am to 15.30 (pizza lunch will be provided). This is the day before the OR08 conference begins [1].


Southampton University, Highfield Campus [2] ECS Building no.32, "Access Grid" Room (room 3073) on Level 3 (just down the corridor from Sir Tim Berners Lee's office!) For travel directions see OR08 website[3].


The workshop will be using a method know as rapid prototyping to design the interface (and functionality) for its recently built bulk-migration service. MediaShelf (a rapid prototyping company) will be running the session.


The aim of the bulk-migration tool is to create a free and open marketplace for digital content to moved wherever the institution decides it should go. Content (and metadata) should not be locked down to specific platforms or systems and should have no limits in regards to its use across the web. Be that in IRs, Subject Repos , National Repos, Publisher Repos or Global Repos; e.g. EPrints, DSpace, Fedora, PubMed, Archix, JSTOR, Elsevier, Internet Archive, Flickr, Slideshare, YouTube, etc). This workshop will build upon up a dashboard for its migration engine so the tool is easily used via any web browser and by any Repository Manager, Librarian or the like.


Specifically we are looking for Repository Managers who are aware of their academics needs and the content that needs managing. Understanding of where lecturers want their research and teaching/learning content to be kept for both the long term and for the broadest dissemination; how it should be discovered; what format it should be in; what metadata should be moved; and who should be able to access it.


  1. Ed Walker (T&L)
  2. Tom Boyle (Pedagogy Apps)
  3. John Casey (IPR)
  4. Pete O'Hare (UI)
  5. Colin Gormley (Dev)
  6. Jeff Kahn (Dev)
  7. Ian Stuart (Dev)
  8. Gayle Calverley (Research)
  9. Anil Passi (Dev)
  10. Jim Alexander
  11. Andrew Richardson