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Sherpa Plus

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Project information

Lead site: University of Nottingham

SHERPA partnership

Contact: Bill Hubbard (Project Manager)

Further information: JISC project page and Sherpa Plus homepage
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Repositories Research team contact: JulieAllinson

Project summary

The SHERPA Plus project is a major initiative to support repository development in all UK Higher Education institutions. The project is addressing the practical tasks of cultural change and effective advocacy. It will look at the issues generated by the extension of repository use to a variety of new content-types – datasets, learning objects, multimedia, etc. It will look at the requirements of institutional stakeholders in the establishment of new repositories and in the further population of existing archives.

SHERPA Plus will build on the successful partnership of the SHERPA Project institutions, acting as a focus for the practical assessment of advocacy and population strategies in a variety of settings inside and outside the project consortium. It will support the identification and dissemination of good practice in repository development and use. It will facilitate the synthesis of developments in different areas of repository use and offer integrated advocacy and information support to HE institutions and the repository community.

This work will go towards building a foundation for the wider national repository infrastructure to underpin the needs of both the research and learning communities. The project is funded for two years, which began in mid-2005.

See the summary provided for the Integrating infrastructure cluster


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Project outputs and deliverables

See Deliverables for details of deliverables and outputs from SHERPA Plus.

Progress reports