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Repository Metadata and Management
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Project information

Lead site: University of Hull


Contact: Richard Green (Project Manager)

Further information: JISC project page and RepoMMan homepage
Cluster(s): See categories at the bottom of this page and Cluster pages.
Repositories Research team contact: JohnRobertson

Project summary

The RepoMMan Project is developing a tool which will allow users to interact with a Fedora digital repository as part of their natural workflow. The University of Hull takes a broad view of repository function, seeing it as offering storage, access, management and preservation of a wide range of objects from conception to completion and possible publication. The effectiveness of a repository is linked to the quality of its metadata. When a user chooses to make an object 'public' the RepoMMan tool will pre-populate its metadata using contextual information and metadata generation tools. The user is then able to refine this automated 'first-pass'.


See Articles and papers for articles, papers and news coverage of RepoMMan.

Project outputs and deliverables

See Deliverables for details of deliverables and outputs from RepoMMan.

Progress reports

January 2006 Progress Report: Media:RepoMMan_Progress_Report_Jan06.doc