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Project information

Lead site: The University of Oxford

The University of Manchester

Contact: Susan Thomas (Project Manager)

Further information: [daepp JISC project page] and Paradigm homepage
Cluster(s): See categories at the bottom of this page and Cluster pages.
Repositories Research team contact: HelenHockx-Yu

Project summary

Many universities, as well as national libraries, museums and galleries, collect private papers and archives. These contain a wealth of information of great importance both to education and research and, wider, to our cultural heritage. Focussing on the papers of contemporary politicians, the Paradigm project is exploring the issues surrounding the preservation of born-digital political papers to ensure that they continue to be accessible to the researchers of the future. The project is based at the Universities of Oxford and Manchester and will develop exemplar strategies and best-practice guidelines that will be of use to any institution which collects, preserves and maintains access to private papers. Paradigm has joined the Repositories and preservation cluster. The project is part of the Supporting Digital Preservation and Asset Management in Institutions Programme.

See also the summary provided for the Programme meeting 2006-03-27


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Project outputs and deliverables

See Deliverables for details of deliverables and outputs from Paradigm.

Progress reports