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This area identifies and maps the 'non-technical' issues relevant to repositories. It is not related to day-to-day administrative functions of a repository, but to the external issues, be they business, management, strategic and so forth, that might affect a repository. The following categories relate to work being carried out by various projects within the Digital Repositories Programme.

Management and strategy

  • Legal and policy issues
    • rights
      • includes:
        • Digital Rights Management (DRM)
        • copyright and IPR
        • repository licence agreements
        • publisher agreements
  • Cultural and social issues
    • implementation and uptake
      • includes:
        • trust
        • awareness
        • accessibility
        • usability
        • rewards and motivators
        • peer review
        • sharing vs competition
    • personal resource management - Conntection: Digital lifecycle (see below)
    • supporting Communities of Practice - Connection Stakeholders and communities
  • Business models – Connection: informs Technology and Technical Infrastructure (SOA); help identify business processes
    • includes:
      • sustainability
      • institutional strategy, planning and resource management
      • workflow (business processes) - Connection: collection of workflows, metadata workflows
  • Advocacy
  • Certification
  • Digital lifecycle
    • version control
    • authoring and co-authoring
    • self-archiving
    • retention
    • provenance
  • Open access
  • RAE