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Legal and policy issues cluster

Cluster: TrustDR, Rights and Rewards, GRADE, VERSIONS, OpenDOAR, EThOS, SHERPA/RoMEO

Other relevant JISC activities: JISC-SURF Partnering on Copyright; IPR consultant (JISC); JISC-Legal; JORUM; PALS Metadata and Interoperability Projects 2 (JISC/PALS); SCG Scoping Study on Repository Version Identification (proposal) and other SCG work, e.g. Open Access Citation Information Report.

Non-JISC activities involved:

Themes: Using legal mechanisms to enable/support good practice, Copyright / IPR, liability, DRM, rights expression, Shibboleth(?)

Interested Advisory Group members: Fred Friend, Sarah Currier, Charles Oppenheim

Repositories Research team contact: Mahendra Mahey; Julie Allinson

Further information

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