Informal Meetings: theme meetings and project collaboration meetings

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This time slot has been put aside for projects to have informal cross-cluster meetings, and for any theme based meetings that projects show an interest in. At the moment there is one theme meeting planned on Personal Resource Management Strategies, which we would ask that people who wish to attend sign up for it when registering for the Programme Meeting so we have an idea of numbers (anything on in this time slot is purely voluntary- you are free to arrive at 12 midday for lunch!):

Personal Resource Management Strategies: Harnessing, Supporting and Integrating Personal Resource Management Strategies within Repositories

Investigating the informal personal resource management strategies of individuals and how these might be accommodated, supported or harnessed within repositories and the services around them is a topic of growing interest to a number of projects in the programme, and more widely. See The DigiRep Wiki theme page for more: Personal Resource Management Strategies

In this session we will see a presentation from the RepoMMan Project on their work looking at how researchers interact with various groups and communities they belong to, and how they store and share the various kinds of information they use and produce along the path from the inception of a research idea through to the publication of their research outputs. The presentation will include a live demo of the Flash card sort survey software developed at Hull University, which drew in a large number of survey respondents. The CD-LOR project is working with RepoMMan to re-purpose this survey for investigating similar issues with developers of teaching and learning materials, so this will be reported on as well.

The PROWE project is looking at the use of wiki and blog environments as informal repositories for sharing amongst distance tutors; they will share some of their early findings in this area.

This will be followed by an informal, open discussion on how other projects are researching this area, what initial results are, and more importantly, how we can utilise the results of these investigations within repositories.