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The E-Learning Framework ( a JISC/DEST collaboration

The e-Framework for Education and Research ( a JISC/DEST collaboration

The DLF Service Framework for Digital Libraries (


New Frameworks for Resource Discovery and Delivery (
A paper written by Judith Pearce (with Janifer Gatenby) and presented in an earlier form at the Standards New Zealand / Standards Australia IT-19 Seminar, Technical Standards for Libraries and Education: Solutions and Emerging Frameworks, held at the National Library of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand, Wednesday 26 October 2005.

Includes several mentions of repositories in the context of libraries, metasearch, discovery, etc.

Implementations: frameworks and architectures for the interaction of repository services and networks [draft] (
This page, from the CETIS Metadata and Digital Repositories SIG covers the JISC Information Environment, as an example of a framework in practice, and the following conceptual and technical frameworks:

  • CORDRA: Content Object Repository Discovery and Resolution Architecture
  • ECL: EduSource Communications Layer
  • ELF: E-Learning Framework
  • The Ecology of Repository Services: A Cosmic View