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The Fedorazon Project

Fedora 3.0 Workshop: Thursday February 7th, 2008



  • This workshop on Fedora 3.0 will explore its various new features (ReST, API-M lite, Content Object Models, etc). We’ll keep the day open at this point to allow for suggestions regarding applicable workshop activities.
  • If you are new to Fedora or are just interested in those "Fedora folk", please come along. We'll start at the beginning (installation) and make our way through as much as possible (complex object models). And yes Fedora can be set up in just a day, actually in an hour! Come along we'll give you a live instance to play with!


  • The event will be in Bloomsbury London (Birkbeck College)
  • Map Here[1] (building 1, entrance from Tavistock Square):
  • George Birkbeck Bar (4th Floor) ask at reception.


  • Thursday February 7th, 2008 (Novice start at 9am / Advanced start at 10.30am)
    • We’ll begin the day at 9.00am to work with individuals in setting up Fedora 3.0 on Amazon Web Services (EC2 and S3) so they will have a working instance to play with throughout the day. If you would like to get started on setting up your own instance right now, see our documentation at Fedorazon_How_to_Guides
    • Other who already have an instance up and running we’ll look to begin working on Fedora 3.0 at 10.30am, please arrive a bit early to set up WiFi.
  • We’ll end the days work at around 16.30 and head to the pub to carry on further important discussions over a couple of pints, so do book a late train :)


  • Any and all are invited: developers, librarians, administrators, we’ll have people on hand to explain to all audiences.
  • Matt Zumwalt (visiting from the States) will be the instructor for the day, so most of you already probably know his expertise in Fedora. For those of you who don’t we suggest you do make an effort to visit this workshop, you will learn a lot to say the least!


  • You get here and we’ll take care of the rest, including the pizza, eg there is no cost for the workshop.
  • Please bring a laptop with WiFi capabilities.

Visiting London from afar

  • For hotels use lastminute.com and search for hotel near the “British Museum” or “British Library” which will put you within walking distance of Birkbeck in Bloomsbury.


If interested in coming please email: d.flanders@bloomsbury.ac.uk with:

  • your name
  • interest in Fedora, and
  • time you will be arriving


  • 9am: Start for people who do not have an instance of Fedora 3.0 launched
    • Team will be on had to help you start an instance of Fedora 3.0 on Amazon Web Services (S3 & EC2)
  • 10.30am: Start for people who do have an instance of Fedora 3.0 launched
    • Please do arrive as early as possible so we can make sure the WiFi works for you.
  • 10.30-16.30: Various Topics on Fedora 3.0 including Content Object Model, ReST, and API-M Lite.
  • 16.30: End of Day and head to local pub


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