Do you need help in writing scenarios and use cases effectively?

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The JISC Digital Repositories Programme ran a workshop in Bath on the 22 November, focusing on Writing Effective Scenarios and Use Cses

For more information,

Resources from the training are available: Useful_Resources

The traing used the methodology outlined in the following book; we recommended this resource for creating scenarios and use cases:

Alistair Cockburn: Writing Effective Use Cases

Other Resources

Effective Scenario Writing

Please refer to the Johns Hopkins University Repsoitories and Services Analysis Project ( for documentation on how to write a scenario

Guides on writing effective scenarios was written for the MLEs for LifeLong Learning Project

More specifically from this Project:

Scenarios Resource Pack This is the Scenarios Resource Pack (Version March 2005).

Scenarios Resource Pack Annex This is the Scenarios Resource Pack Annex, which sets out an exercise to develop a scenario and the template to use for this. It includes a worked example.

JISC MLEs for Lifelong Learning Programme: Building on the Scenarios Methodology