Data repositories cluster session 2006-03-27

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Monday 27th March


Objective: to identify synergies and gaps between activities within/beyond programme, and identify clear areas where coordination / collaboration would be useful, or where additional work could be valuable.


Identifiers (Two-minute presentations by CLADDIER, eBank, Grade, R4L, StORe - followed by general discussion)

Metadata profiles (two-minute presentations by eBank, Grade, R4L, SPECTra - followed by general discussion)

Rights management, interactions with third parties such as publishers (two-minute presentations by eBank, StORe, others? - followed by general discussion)

1445-1515: Presentation on UK PubMed Central


Objective: to make plans for working together (summarised on a ppt for presentation to the plenary session)

1630-1700: Identify topics (those above? others?)

1700-1730: Identify methods (meetings? exchange of draft documents? peer evaluation? other?)