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Digital Repositories Programme

Jacobs, N. (2006) Digital repositories in UK universities and colleges. Freepint 16th February 2006 No.200.

Article also available as a Word file: Digital_Repositories_v2.doc

Allinson, Julie (2006). JISC Digital Repositories Programme team launch wiki and mailing list. D-Lib, In Brief, Februray 2006, Vol. 12 No 2.

Allinson, Julie (2006). JISC Digital Repositories Programme team launch wiki and mailing list. . e-Learning Focus.

Mahey, Mahendra and Allinson, Julie. The Second Digital Repositories Programme Meeting. Ariadne, At the Event, April 2006, issue 47.

Mahey, Mahendra and Allinson, Julie Poster at Open Scholarship 2006. Glasgow, 18-20 October.(Full size)




There are a number of articles, papers and presentations available on CD-LOR. See the CD-LOR Archive

Feb 07: At present the key focus of our work is on creating and refining our Draft Structured Guidelines. Please read this document and provide feedback on it via our Survey or by emailing


Jones, Catherine and Lawrence, Bryan. CLADDIER: Citation, Location And Deposition in Discipline and Institutional Repositories. D-Lib, In Brief, Februray 2006, Vol. 12 No 2.

See more outputs


Robertson, Anne. Investigation into How Digital Repositories Can Encourage the Reuse of Geospatial Data. D-Lib, In Brief, December 2005, Vol. 11 No 12.

GRADE papers & presentations:




Charles, Stephen. The Management of Images in a Distributed Environment with Shared Services Project (MIDESS). D-Lib, In Brief, Februray 2006, Vol. 12 No 2.

ARLIS Presenation 21st July Northumbria University.

METS Presentation 15th May LSE.

JISC Presenation 5th June Manchester Univeristy.

MIDESS Dissemination Day, 4th May


An RSS newsfeed is available for PerX:

Articles and Papers

MacLeod, Roddy (2006) 'Engineering: the changing information landscape', Freepint Newsletter 198, 19th January 2006.

MacLeod, Roddy (2006) 'PerX: Pilot Engineering Repository Xsearch', D-Lib, In Brief, Vol 12 No 3, March 2006.

Chumbe, Santiago and MacLeod, Roddy and Barker, Phil and Moffat, Malcolm and Rist, Roger (2006) Overcoming the obstacles of harvesting and searching digital repositories from federated searching toolkits, and embedding them in VLEs. In Proceedings 2nd International Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems, Athens, Greece.

MacLeod, Roddy (2006) 'The PerX Project - not just for engineers', E-MmITS, the electronic newsletter of the Multimedia and Information Technology Group Scotland, Spring/Summer 2006.

Allinson, Julie and MacLeod, Roddy (2006) 'Building an information infrastructure in the UK', Research Information, October/November 2006.

Chumbe, Santiago, MacLeod, Roddy and Kennedy, Marion (2007) Building Bridges with Blocks: Assisting digital library and Virtual Learning Environment integration through reusable middleware. Paper presented at ELPUB 2007, the 11th International Conference on Electronic Publishing, focusing on challenges for the digital spectrum, Vienna, Austria.

MacLeod, Roddy (2007) Perx and TechXtra. Paper presented at the Discovering eprints: finding needles in the haystack workshop, European Research Institute, Birmingham, 12 Sept 2007.

Mentions of PerX in the press, etc:

e3 Information Overload.

OA Librarian.


Peter Scott's Library Blog.

ucjournals blog.


OA Librarian.



Tales From The Terminal Room, May 2006:

Internet Happenings, Events and Sources:

eLucidate Vol.3 Issue 3, May 2006, p.11.

Library + Information Update, 5(7-8) July/August 2006, p.15.

Ariadne Issue 48, July 2006:

Martha L. Brogan "Contexts and Contributions: Building the Distributed Library"

Peter Scott's Library Blog:

Knowledgespeak News. "Ex Libris adds engineering and technology resources to MetaLib"

Library Technology Guides. "Ex Libris Adds TechXtra and PerX Configurations to MetaLib"

Ex Libris. "Ex Libris Adds TechXtra and PerX Configurations to MetaLib"

Ex Libris Adds TechXtra and PerX Configurations to MetaLib.

Ex Libris Adds TechXtra and PerX Configurations to MetaLib. eLucidate, Vol 4 Issue 2, March 2007, pp28-29






Repository Bridge

Rights and Rewards


  • Bates, M., Loddington, S., Manuel, S., & Oppenheim, C., 2007. Attitudes to the rights and rewards for author contributions to repositories for teaching and learning. Alt-J 15(1).
  • Gadd, E., Loddington, S., & Oppenheim, C., 2007. A comparison of academics' attitudes towards the rights protection of their research and teaching materials. Journal of Information Science, 2007, in press.
  • Bates, M., Manuel, S., & Oppenheim, C., 2007. Models of Early Adoption of ICT Innovations in Higher Education , Ariadne, 2007, in press.

Presentations (

  • Dealing with the Digital Deluge - Data sharing & e-learning
  • Dealing with the Digital Deluge 2007 - Legal Lessons
  • Information Science Research Seminar
  • JISC Legal and Policy Cluster Meeting
  • JISC Online 2007
  • Rights and Rewards - IPR in e-Learning
  • Rights and Rewards - overview
  • Rights and Rewards - rights issues
  • SOLSTICE Conference 2007

Also, Presentation to EngCETL staff, presentations at digital repositories programme meetings (




White, David. The SPIRE Project. D-Lib, In Brief, Februray 2006, Vol. 12 No 2.


A range of documents (and links to documents) including presentations, published reports and other texts describing the work of Project StORe can be accessed from the StORe wiki:



See for publications produced by UKCDR.



Please go to the VERSIONS project web site for information about dissemination:

  • Presentation and panel discussion at JISC Conference on Digital repositories : dealing with the digital deluge, Manchester University, 5-6 June 2007
  • Poster session at CERN Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication (OAI5), Geneva, 18-20 April 2007
  • Presentation at ALISS Christmas Special: Libraries and open access scholarship on Digital repositories and versions of academic papers, The British Library, 11 December 2006
  • Presentation at JISC Seminar - Discovery and Access: Standards and the Information Chain, on Versions of journal articles: recent initiatives, London, 7 December 2006
  • Presentation at 2nd International Digital Curation Conference: Digital Data Curation in Practice, on Versions of academic papers: current practice and attitudes of economics researchers towards creating and storing digital versions, Glasgow, 21-22 November 2006
  • Presentation at Open Scholarship 2006: New Challenges for Open Access Repositories on Versions of academic papers and open access: attitudes and current practice among economics researchers, The University of Glasgow, 20 October 2006
  • Article for ALISS Quarterly: Versions of Eprints – user Requirements Study and Investigation of the Need for Standards
  • Article for D-Lib Magazine (In Brief): VERSIONS: Versions of Eprints - user Requirements Study and Investigation Of the Need for Standards
  • Presentation to SHERPA-LEAP SHERPA Liaison Meeting, University College London
  • Presentation to Legal and Policy Issues Cluster Session, JISC 2nd Digital Repositories Programme Meeting, Warwick
  • Presentation to CAB International staff on Versions of eprints: understanding researchers' needs, Wallingford, 8 Feb 2006
  • Brief news item in CURL news 16: VERSIONS Project
  • Presentation at CERN Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication (OAI4) on Versions in the lifecycle of academic papers – user requirements and guidelines for digital repositories, Geneva, 20-22 October 2005

Community Eprints




Millinton, Peter. Moving Forward with the OpenDOAR Directory. Presentation at CRIS 2006, May 2006, Bergen, Norway.