ASK cluster summary

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The Acessing and Storing Knowledge project

The ASK project began June 2005 and will end May 2007. It is funded under the JISC Repositories Programme. The project is a collaboration between the Universy of Oxford and the University of Highlands and Islands (UHI) Millenium Institute. The broad goal of the project is to integrate repository services.

The ASK project is using the e-framework to document a reference model and design for a pilot repository software system. The e-framework tries to map the vocabulary used to talk about e-learning, e-science and e-administration systems to a level of abstraction whereby developers can begin to design individual software artefacts that provide interoperable services. In short a framework begins to correlate the services users need with the services developers can build.

Since the e-framework is at an early stage in its development many of the service abstractions from the users perspective and recommendations on which interoperability specifications service providers should implement are not well-defined. For this reason the JISC is commissioning projects to create reference models and use these to build pilot implementations. The ASK project is one of these efforts - the project team expects to feed findings into a re-definition of some of the services within the e-framework.

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