UKOLN AHDS QA Focus Statistics: Non-Compliant HTML Pages

This page provides access to reports created by W3C's Log Validator and notes on the findings.


W3C's Log Validator tool has been deployed for use on the QA Focus Web site. The tool works by examining entries in the Web server log file. Pages which have been accessed are passed through a HTML validation tool in order to find the most widely accessed pages which are not compliant with the HTML standard.


During the funding period of the QA Focus project we will keep a monthly record of the findings of the W3C Log Validator, which can be accessed from this page. We will seek to correct HTML errors which are found. This will provide us with:



Use of this tool helped the QA Focus team to identify systematic problems together with the occasional error which was not spotted by other tools. This approach is recommended for use by others.

Now that the funding for the QA Focus project has finished, only minor changes to this Web site are planned. We therefore no longer intend to run the W3C Log Validator tool or update this page.